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The StreetWires ZNX line starts to arrive...

New products

September 28, 2009

The all New StreetWires ZNX line utilizes high-end technologies such as HyperTwist® found in ZN5, ZN7, and ZN9 products for pure, pristine audio signal, while ZNX power cables deliver tremendous current flow using 100% copper like our UltraFlow™ cables. Teamed with smaller AFS fuses and fuse holders, StreetWires continues to provide precision signal and power management products designed to fuel today’s monstrous audio systems

The ZNX line is adapted to the European market specifications.

Already 7 references are available in our warehouse : - ZNX10K : 10mm2 Power kit with interconnect
- ZNX21K : 21mm2 Power kit with interconnect
- ZNX1.2 : 1m stereo interconnect
- ZNX3.2 : 3m stereo interconnect
- ZNX5.2 : 5m stereo interconnect
- ZNXY1F : Dual 50cm Y-connector (1 female)
- ZNXY1M : Dual 50cm Y-connector (1 male)

High definition pictures are available here

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