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The new SledgeHammer empty enclosures are available

September 17, 2009

Nice... The round and square SLHU are in stock.

Still loud, still strong, still using the progressive port technology, the SLH are back with some new cool features :
- Made out of 19mm MDF (38mm for the baffle)
- They all come with 8 Hex screw for the woofer
- They have a MTX THUNDER World stitched logo on the top
- The front baffle is covered with a thick and strong black vinyl, very
- They are compatible with all MTX woofers...
- They are available for square woofers

The square line :
- SLH10SU : 25cm (10") square
- SLH12SU : 30cm (12") square
- SLH10x2SU : Dual 25cm (2x10") square
- SLH12x2SU : Dual 30cm (2x12") square

The round line :
- SLH10U : 25cm (10") round
- SLH12U : 30cm (12") round
- SLH10U : 38cm (15") round
- SLH12x2U : Dual 30cm (2x12") round
- SLH15x2U : Dual 38cm (2x15") round

High definition pictures are available here

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